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Provincial People's Congress thematic ask help SME development


September 24 morning, the second session of the provincial People's Congress held its twenty-third session of joint group meetings, heard and considered the provincial government in the province on the basis of reports on the development of SMEs, thematic inquiry -

SMEs are an important force for economic and social development. How to crack the outstanding problems faced by SMEs in the production and operation difficulties in financing, labor difficulties, high cost, burden and so on? Nearly two hours of thematic inquiry, Standing Committee 11 provinces and provincial deputies sharp questions.

The thematic inquiry, also for the first time to determine the provincial government responsible comrades as a person should exercise, Provincial Vice Governor Yang Chao to the meeting and answer questions. Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Science and Technology Department, the Provincial Commission by letter, the Provincial Department of Finance, the provincial People and Social Council Chamber, Commerce Department, Provincial Local Taxation Bureau, the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau, Provincial Finance Office, the Internal Revenue Service and other 10 provincial department heads to the meeting should exercise .

How to crack financing problems -

Strengthening financial support, to improve the financing environment

"Anhui SME Promotion Regulations" provides that the provincial budget established SME accounts in accordance with national regulations, to arrange special funds to support the development of SMEs. Currently, the province set up provincial finance 50 million yuan of special funds for SME development, focusing on small and medium enterprises technological innovation, technological innovation, enterprise information, industrial clusters and credit guarantee construction. Provincial People's Congress attended the SME Promotion Law enforcement inspection laws and regulations of the provincial People's Congress Zhang Wan Fang, very concerned, "this scale in the country and the central provinces in what rank? Province in the future to increase SMEs What do you plan to support efforts to respect? "

"Overall, the development of the province funds help SMEs in the country are among the best." Chen Jun, deputy director of the provincial Department of Finance said the next step will be policy guidance, funding, financing services, optimization of the four aspects of the environment, plus Great support efforts to further develop and expand SMEs escort.

Data show that as of the end of June this year, the province set up at all levels of the small and micro business financial services franchise organizations 520, the balance of loans to small and micro enterprises reached 760.9 billion yuan, effectively alleviate the plight of the financing of SMEs. Provincial People's Congress Wang Yuanlin discovered through research, financing difficulties, financing your still plagued by the development of SMEs, he would also ask this question to the topic at the meeting, "In solve this problem, there are any good move?"

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