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Hui'an six measures to support enterprise development


Recently, Hui'an county government issued "a number of measures to further support the development of enterprises," to boost business transformation and upgrading, promote Hui'an maintain a good momentum of development. It is reported that, Hui'an six aspects of enterprise development will be further supported.

Promotion NC generation applications. To comply with the municipal government, "the opinions of intelligent equipment industry to promote the development of the" "on accelerating" NC generation of enterprise policy, the county finance cash subsidies to bear part of the county; local enterprises included in the procurement Hui'an County, Quanzhou "NC generation" demonstration Project products, according to each (sets) purchase invoice total price (excluding tax) of 5% to give the purchaser superimposed subsidies.

Promote the new energy automotive applications. 2014-2015 enterprises to purchase new energy non-native of Hui'an County buses, in addition to the provincial and municipal matching grants state subsidies standard 60%, 40%, the Hui'an then give matching grants state subsidies standard of 20 percent over the same period. Other purchase objects such as access to national, provincial and municipal grants, subsidies may refer to the county.

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