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Deepen research cooperation to promote the development of SMEs


(Reporter Han Yong) September 28, the second session of the province's small and medium enterprises and provincial research institutes of higher learning and research cooperation signed docking activities was held in Zhengzhou. Vice Governor Zhang Weining attended the meeting and delivered speeches.
The provincial government "to speed up the views of independent innovation system construction to promote innovation-driven development" clearly, the province of universities and research institutions to develop and to apply the results into focus, to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises as the main direction in the system and the mechanism innovation, building business-oriented, market-oriented, a combination of technological innovation system.
Zhang Weining said that SME development is related to the overall economic and social development of the province, it has a pivotal role in creating jobs, increasing income, improving people's livelihood, promote stability and so on. Currently, SME development is facing serious challenges, but also ushered in a rare opportunity.
Zhang Weining stressed the need to reform ideas and innovative spirit, pragmatic work, to create a good environment for the development of SMEs, providing quality public services; to improve the cooperation mechanism, outstanding achievements, increase financial support to promote research cooperation again a new level.
The General Assembly also 61 provincial Cooperative pilot project awarding, business representatives, representatives of universities and research institutes to strengthen research cooperation were made a typical speech.

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